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Logo Studio leglale Bignami - Iblaw

IBLAW as International Business Lawyers

IBLAW was founded over ten years ago, when the founder of the Bignami law firm followed the establishment of some overseas start-ups who were the firm’s clients. In the first weeks of those visits, the main task was to select serious and organized professionals, capable of assisting the client’s needs over time. IBLAW maintains the principle of legal dynamism that characterizes the firm, beyond the national borders. IBLAW means that those who turn to the firm can bring their business abroad, because in addition to accompanying the client on overseas assignments, the team at the law firm can suggest on-site professionals who are capable of managing their needs. IBLAW means that a foreign investor can approach the firm, because the team is able to suggest and indicate solutions to foreign clients looking to invest in Italy or have a dispute to settle. IBLAW brings together the experiences and the professionalism of lawyers and consultants in most countries around the world. Never before have borders been such an abstract geographic definition, increasingly crossed by entrepreneurs, investors and professionals in search of business.